Numark 3-Channel Scratch Mixer M4BLACKXUS


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Bonus inputs for total performance.

M4 is a three-channel tabletop mixer designed for any DJ who needs maximum flexibility. It features a replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope controls, a 1/4” microphone input with EQ, and plenty of routing for phono and line level devices.

Where M4 really shines is its impressive input section. Two switchable phono/line inputs plus four more dedicated line inputs give you a total of SIX inputs! Add Master and Record outputs, and steep three-band EQ/rotary kills on each channel, and you’ve a powerhouse package that’s ready to handle whatever the gig throws at you.

M4 has the inputs, controls, and features to turn what would be a problem for the average mixer into a simple plug-in. Don’t get stuck without enough inputs at your next gig. Upgrade to M4


  • Inputs: two phono/line switchable (RCA), four line (RCA), mic (1/4")
  • Outputs: Master (RCA), Record (RCA), headphone (1/4" stereo)
  • Steep three-band EQ/rotary kills on each channel
  • Microphone input with EQ
  • Six-segment LED display for monitoring signal strength
  • Toggle for master and PFL metering
  • Replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope control
Inputs: Line: 10K ohm input impedance; 80mV RMS sensitivity for 0dB output, Mic: 600 ohm input impedance unbalanced; 1.5mV RMS sensitivity for 0dB output; 400mV RMS max input, Phono: 47k ohm input impedance; 1.3mV RMS sensitivity @ 1kHz for 0dB output
Outputs: Line: 7V RMS max, Headphone: 0.5W into 47ohm
Signal to Noise Ratio: (maximum output JIS-A weighted), Line: Better than 100dB, Mic: Better than 95dB, Phono: Better than 85dB
Frequency response: Line: 20 – 20,000 Hz ±0.5dB, Mic: 20 – 15,000 Hz ±0.5dB, Phono: ±1dB; -3dB attenuation at 20 Hz to reduce rumble and feedback
Channel Equalizer: Bass: +12 / -35dB at 20 Hz, Mid: +12 / -25dB at 1.3 kHz, Treble: +12 / -20dB at 15 kHz, Channel fader kill: Better than 90dB at 1 kHz, Crossfader kill: Better than 75dB, Crosstalk: Better than 80dB at 1 kHz, Distortion: Less than 0.05%

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