Marantz Professional Shotgun Microphone Accessory Package AUDIOSCOPEGEAR


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Shotgun Microphone Accessory Package

Be ready for any situation requiring a shotgun mic—anything from using a boom pole to using a DSLR camera.  Audio Scope Gear is a kit of accessories perfect for the gig bag. The kit contains five different mounting options for DSLR cameras (and other devices with hot-shoe mounts), and mounts for 5/8” x 27 threads (microphone stands and other mounting devices).  Also included are 3/8” inserts for adapting to boom poles and other mounts that have 3/8” studs.


  • Mounting accessories for shotgun microphones
  • Shock mount for 20.8~24mm microphone diameters
  • Hot-shoe camera mount adapter with locking screw
  • Hot-shoe shock mount for 12~30mm microphone diameters
  • Hot-shoe mount suspension clip
  • Boom pole mount suspension clip

In The Box
Audio Scope Gear (5 Shotgun Microphone Accessories)


Shock mount for microphone diameters of 20.8~24mm with 5/8"x27 (15.88mm) threaded insert and 3/8" (9.53mm) threaded insert adapter
Hot-shoe adapter with 5/8"x27 stud
Hot-shoe mount suspension clip for microphone diameters of 17~30mm
Hot-shoe shock mount for microphone diameters of 12~30mm
Suspension clip for microphone diameters of 17~30mm with 5/8"x27 (15.88mm) threaded insert and 3/8" (9.53mm) threaded insert adapter

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